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By Michelle Gant | Fox News

Most kids write letters to Santa asking for toys for Christmas, but one little girl has something bigger in mind.

The letter was dropped in a mailbox for letters to Santa at a Lowe’s in Franklin, N.C. by a child known only as Kaitlyn.

On a piece of plain white paper written in green and blue crayon, the girl wrote: “Some may not believe in you. But I do. One thing I really want for Christmas is my big brother to get a kidney transplant. PLEASE.”

Shelly Thomas, the store’s associate manager, shared a photo of the letter on Facebook in the hopes of locating the girl, whom she thinks might have been visiting from Florida.

“Hopefully, [the letter going viral will] get a little bit of interest in some folks getting tested and show how important it really is,” Thomas told WLOS.

Thomas’ post has received hundreds of shares on Facebook along with dozens of comments, sending well wishes to the girl and her family.

Customers at Lowe’s were also touched by Kaitlyn’s wish.

“Knowing that your letter is going to Santa Claus and that he’s going to bring you anything you want and to ask for something that important for someone else just means so much,” one person told WLOS.

“It just makes me want to cry that kids ask for so much these days and you have a kid that all they want is a kidney for their brother,” another said.

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