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30 years ago today I faced a deadly disease that left me sickly and disabled. With a resting blood pressure of nearly 300 over 200, it came down to this day, September 6, 1989 that my life was in the balance. I almost left this world to be with The Lord… but He had other plans for me and I’m so grateful He did.

I had more work to do, more life to enjoy, a story to tell, more people to meet – Inspirational people like my friends, Elmer PillonSonia De Santi-PillonChris Guilfoose, Juan Rivadeneira (American Hero), Jacob Bassett, and Alphonso McPhadden for starters (there’s a long list).

It was at the Cleveland Clinic, OH, in 1989 that God worked a miracle through my father and through the innovative Dr. Andrew Novick (R.I.P.) and gave me a 2nd chance at life with a kidney transplant from my father.

Paul is heels over head @Ramp 48 Calvary Chapel, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Doctors told me that if I was really lucky, I might get 12 or even 15 years out of dad’s kidney before I’d need another. Well, I took full advantage of that 2nd chance and never looked back. It hasn’t always been easy but it’s been the easiest thing in the world to be thankful and grateful for every day since the past 3 decades.

Thank you, dad. I love you.

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